Sea Spray Grey


Watch the Grey as it dances and splashes.
Many people have a problem with Grey.  
They find it boring, sedate, depressing, 'colourless'.
But really Grey is a gorgeous colour.  
It is soft and supportive and strong.  
It can be a wonderful background to other colours or 
a calming colour to have on its own.
This is my celebration of Grey.
Canvas Type:
oil & acrylic on canvas
Height (cm):
Width (cm):
Depth (cm):
Height (in):
Width (in):
Depth (in):


One of the great things about my paintings is that they look different in different lights - and even more so if iridescent paint is used.  The photos here have been carefully chosen to show the painting in different lights. This will give you some idea of what the painting will look like in the different lights in your space.