Colour speaks to us on so many levels - fundamental, historical and spiritual.

Sea Spray Grey

2' x 2' - 61cm x 61cm
oil & acrylic on canvas

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Watch the Grey as it dances and splashes.
Many people have a problem with Grey.  
They find it boring, sedate, depressing, 'colourless'.
But really Grey is a gorgeous colour.  
It is soft and supportive and strong.  
It can be a wonderful background to other colours or 
a calming colour to have on its own.
This is my celebration of Grey.

Creative Alchemy

1'4" x 1'4" - 40.5cm x 40.5cm
oil & acrylic on canvas

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This is such a great little painting.  It is about that amazing moment when a creative idea comes into being.  This feeling is why we all create.  It is the high point for any artist.
This work is going to bring such energetic joy to its new home.
The complementary colours positively dance and sing.
It would bring a great energy to any wall.

Diving Down Down Deep into the Blue Down Down

3' x 3' - 91.5cm x 91.5cm
oil and mixed media on canvas

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One of my most memorable experiences was scuba diving off St Lucia.  I felt incredibly honoured to be part of this different, swaying world full of fabulous colour.  This painting is a testament to that experience - my interpretation of how it felt to be one with the ocean.  And since it is mixed media, it has fronds ...

Enchantment Under the Sea

3'10" x 4'8" - 117cm x 142.5cm
oil on canvas

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This large work is shells seen through water.  
It is textured just as shells become textured through time in the sea.
It would be a great addition a fish restaurant.

Interior Light

Canvas 1 H: 3' 7.3" - 110cm  W: 11.8'' - 30cm  D: 1.38'' - 3.5cm

Canvas 2 H: 3' 11.2" - 120cm  W: 11.8'' - 30cm  D: 1.38'' - 3.5cm
Canvas 3 H: 3' 7.3" - 110cm   W: 11.8'' - 30cm  D: 1.38'' - 3.5cm

acrylic and silver leaf on canvas

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This triptych is a delicate, shimmering work inspired by how light refracts and dances.
The colours are soft blues and pinks with imitation silver leaf and it flickers with candle, crystal and chandelier shapes.
It is entrancing when the light shines on it.

Soft Sea

1'4'' x 1'4'' - 40.5cm x 40.5cm
oil on canvas

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I find being in the sea to be an experience like no other.  
The colours, the feel of the salt water and the waves, the honour of being in another universe and a guest of the creatures that life there.
This painting is my attempt at conveying the majesty of being in the sea and the softness of the water and the world it creates.


10'' x 12'' - 25.3cm x 30.5cm
acrylic on canvas

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This beautiful little piece captures the vibrancy of Wisteria.  
It is painted with iridescent colours and so shines very differently in different lights.