I want to live in Turquoise ...

'I saw these and thought of you' were the words that accompanied these spine-tinglingly turquoise earrings, popped unexpectedly through my door by a generous and insightful friend.


I have turquoise coasters, turquoise towels, turquoise furniture, turquoise handwash, turquoise vases, turquoise bowls, turquoise notepads, a turquoise desk and, of course, rivers of gorgeous turquoise jewellery ā€“ much of it given to me by other fabulous friends.

They know me, my friends. I am like a Turquoise magpie, only instead of shiny things it is sea-coloured things that catch my greedy attention. They know that Turquoise feeds me spiritually and physically. It is something about the mixture of the blues and greens, the reminder of the ocean, its freedom and limitlessness, its baptismal powers.  I feel I can swim and fly in turquoise.

Iā€™m sure I came from Atlantis. Hence, endless photos of the sea, which is a 2 minute walk from where I live... naturally.


I paint in Turquoise ā€“ even when the theme has nothing to do with turquoise!

I notice Turquoise wherever I go.

There is no other colour I would rather live in.

Turquoise is my spiritual touchstone.

Do you have a colour you would like to live in?