Chandelier Triptych


This triptych is a delicate, shimmering work inspired by how light refracts and dances though a chandelier.
The colours are soft blues and pinks with imitation silver leaf.
It is entrancing when the light shines on it.
Canvas Type:
acrylic and silver leaf on canvas
If Painting has more than 1 Size:
Panel 1: 11.8" x 3' 7.3" - 30 x 110cm
Panel 2: 11.8" x 3' 11.2" - 30 x 120cm
Panel 3: 11.8" x 3' 7.3" - 30 x 110cm


Before purchasing please look at the image on more than one screen as the colour will vary slightly on each device.

The shipping of paintings within the UK is included in the price of the painting. For shipping estimates outside the UK, please contact me.