The Colour Potential Divination Card Deck and Handbook


The Colour Potential is a deck of 55 divination cards which I have created. The cards are simple and direct. The combination of the colour and positive quality can help resolve a reoccurring issue or provide support when facing a challenging situation.

Each card displays a colour and a written word, a quality. The qualities are positive traits that are within all of us, but which may not always have been given full expression. There are no negative cards in the deck as, to my mind, we are negative enough about ourselves without adding to it!

There are 17 different colours, plus 3 white light cards and a Joker. Each colour has 3 qualities attached to it. 

The Deck comes with a comprehensive 80-page handbook which includes the history of each colour and a paragraph on each card with suggestions as to why it might have been picked. The Deck and Handbook are designed to be easy to use.

The Deck and Handbook come in an organza presentation bag. Please choose the colour you would like below. 
Organza Bag:
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