Every Emotion is of Equal Value


While undergoing therapy for trauma the therapist uttered the unforgettable words, 'every emotion is of equal value'. I was spellbound. This was a concept that had never occurred to me - that Envy was of the equal value to Joy, that Hate was of equal value to Wonder. It was a paradigm shifting idea and I just had to paint it.

It took a lot of working out.  I had to work out which emotions I wanted to include, how I was going to paint them and where they were to appear on the canvas.  

This is the key to the painting:

confidence * contentment * contempt  * sadness * wonder

passion * terror * the unique feeling of being truly you * vitality * envy

regret * hope * shame * joy * anxiety

hate * pointlessness * shock * desperation * exuberance

The painting is not for sale, but if you would like to use one of the emotions as an image, do contact me. Recently Hate was used as a cover for a punk album. Rock on!


One of the great things about my paintings is that they look different in different lights - and even more so if iridescent paint is used.  The photos here have been carefully chosen to show the painting in different lights. This will give you some idea of what the painting will look like in the different lights in your space.