I never tire of the sea, its colours, its moods. I could breathe it in all day long ...

Arabian Seas, Sketch

1'4'' x 1'8'' - 41 x 51cm
oil, acrylic and imitation copper leaf on canvas

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Using copper leaf with red, orange, pinks and golds, I create a seascape of romance.

Sailing By

11.75'' x 1' 3.75'' - 30cm x 40cm
oil & acrylic on canvas

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Catching a glimpse as those boats sail by.

Soft Sea

1'4'' x 1'4'' - 40.5cm x 40.5cm
oil on canvas

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I find being in the sea to be an experience like no other. The colours, the soft feel of the salt water and the gentle waves are captured in this piece.

Diving Down Down Deep into the Blue Down Down

3' x 3' - 91.5cm x 91.5cm
oil and mixed media on canvas

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One of my most memorable experiences was scuba diving off St Lucia. I felt honoured to be part of this different, swaying world full of entrancing colour. This painting is a testament to that experience - my interpretation of how it felt to be one with the ocean. And since it is mixed media, it has fronds ...

Enchantment Under the Sea

3'10" x 4'8" - 117cm x 142.5cm
oil on canvas

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This large work symbolises the beauty of shells when seen under the sea.  

It is textured just as shells become textured through time in the sea.