The colour Cards

The Colour Potential

The Colour Potential Oracle Card Deck, by Francesca Howard

I created these cards to be used by people who don't usually use cards.  Each card has a colour and a positive quality associated with that colour.  The cards act as reminder to our inner selves that deep down we know the way forward for our issues, blocks and anxieties, but that we have trouble remembering the way. 

The deck comprises 55 cards, employing 17 colours, each with 3 separate qualities, plus a Joker.  Colour transmits messages rapidly, far quicker than any words. The pairing of colour with a written word means that the impact of the cards is doubled, allowing for the resolution of an issue from two different perspectives.  A comprehensive 80-page Handbook accompanies the cards. I wrote the Handbook to enable independent use of the cards, with no need for an interpreter or fear at using them on one's own. The subject matter is not esoteric or specialist. Its power is in the deck’s simplicity, accessibility and ease.

The Handbook includes:

  • Sample card layouts and case histories of card readings suggested.
  • A page outlining the unique cultural, religious and political associations through history of each colour used.
  • An explanatory section for each card - this outlines why a quality has been paired with a colour and offers suggestions as to why that particular card might have been picked.
  • A background to how colour works in us and in the world.