Playing on the Sand as a Child

20" x 20" - 51cm x 51cm
Acrylic on Canvas

Some of my happiest times as a child were on holiday with my grandparents in Devon.  This painting is about the freedom of childhood on a beach when the sun seemed always to shine.

Cast Thy Nighted Colour Off, Hamlet I.ii.68

19.7" x 19.7" - 50cm x 50cm
Acrylic on Canvas

This is a vibrant painting full of energy and joie de vivre, inspired by the quote from Hamlet.
It is particularly popular with Jazz musicians!

Creative Zing

16" x 16" - 40cm x 40cm
Oil on Canvas

This is a wonderfully exuberant work bubbling with the power and joy of Creativity when on a roll.

Diving Down Down Deep into the Blue Down Down

3' x 3' - 91cm x 91cm
Oil and Mixed Media on Canvas

One of my most memorable experiences was scuba diving off St Lucia.  I felt incredibly honoured to be part of this different, swaying world full of fabulous colour.  This painting is a testament to that experience - my interpretation of how it felt to be one with the ocean.  And since it is mixed media, it has fronds ...

Enchantment Under the Sea

3'10" x 4'8" - 117cm x 143cm
Oil on Canvas

This large work is shells seen through water.  
It is textured just as shells become textured through time in the sea.
It would be impressive in a fish restaurant.


3' x 3'6" - 91.5cm x 106.7cm
Oil and Acrylic on Canvas

The fall of water
and the magic it creates.

Candelier Triptych

Panel 1: 11.8" x 3' 7.3" - 30 x 110cm
Panel 2: 11.8" x 3' 11.2" - 30 x 120cm
Panel 3: 11.8" x 3' 7.3" - 30 x 110cm
Acrylic and Silver Leaf on Canvas

This triptych is a delicate, shimmering work inspired by how light is reflected though a chandelier.
The colours are soft blues and pinks with imitation silver leaf.
It is entrancing when the light shines on it.

Special Offer!
Beneath & Soil - The PairRead More

Beneath & Soil - The Pair

2' x 2' each - 60.8cm x 60.8cm each
Acrylic on Canvas

These two works were painted as a pair and centre on the theme of the earth.
BENEATH speaks of the rich blacks we have below the ground.
SOIL is about the gorgeous reds and browns and gold that our earth can contain.
They are a special offer because they are both slightly warped, though this would only be noticed from the side and not when viewed face on.