The Grief and the Victory of not being Seen - Sketch

10'' x 8'' - 25.4cm x 20.3cm
oil on canvas

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Sometimes we can feel that, as children, we weren’t seen by our parents or caregivers.
This may have led us to trying hard to fit the mould of what we were required to be. 

That is the Grief. 

But not being Seen is also what makes us what we are. 
It is the grit in our oyster. 

That is the Victory.

If you would like your own version of this work, it can be personalised and painted with colours specific to You.

Tree in Turquoise

12'' x 10'' - 30.5cm x 25.5cm
acrylic on canvas

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A Christmas tree, but in Turquoise.


10'' x 12'' - 25.3cm x 30.5cm
acrylic on canvas

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This beautiful little piece captures the vibrancy of Wisteria.  It is painted with iridescent colours and so shines very differently in different lights.

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