Francesca Howard Artist

Colour has been at my core my entire life.  Colour is my fascination, my escape, my catnip, my obsession and my driving force.  Painting is how I bring these intense feelings about colour into the external world.

As an extension of these feelings about colour and as a way of using colour to illuminate inner awareness, I created The Colour Potential Cards.  The cards are designed to help in resolving life's issues - from the seemingly small everyday issues to steering us through the more devastating events in our lives.  The 55 cards combine colour and positivity and the handbook allows for immediate use of the cards, eliminating the need for an interpreter.

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Inner Guidance Cards and Handbook

The Colour Potential Card Deck, devised and written by Francesca Howard

I created these cards for everyday use. They are a powerful reminder of the positive qualities we all have within us which can become dimmed with life's challenges. The deck comprises 55 cards, using 17 colours. 

The cards are designed to provide direction when trying to resolve a recurring issue, when facing a challenging situation or when you want to bring a bit more fun and incentive into your life. Each card contains a circle of colour and a written word, a positive power, which aligns with that colour. There are no 'negative' cards in the deck.

Colour transmits messages far more rapidly than words. The pairing of a colour with the written word doubles the impact of each card, giving two different perspectives on the issue presented. A comprehensive 80-page handbook accompanies and explains the cards.

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Colour is my fascination, escape, catnip, obsession and my driving force. Paintings & Guidance Cards, @thecolourpotentialcards available to buy

Cards & Colours for help with seemingly small everyday issues or steering through more devastating life events. By me, @francescahowardpainter, click here to buy.